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Mr & Mrs Slater 3.5cm plaque

3.5cm Name Plaques

Alicia 4.5cm plaque

4.5cm Name Plaques

Jeremy 9.5cm plaque

9.5cm Name Plaques

Floating wine bottle display

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Tractor wall plaque Unusual glasses stand Butterfly coaster flower coasters

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JuppyWood has been running since January 2012, so just over a year but I have been making wooden trinkets on and off for over 15 years, after I bought myself a scrollsaw, and soon discovered I was quite good at it, and people loved receiving the items I made as presents (as a teenager I was saving my money to buy a car, so presents didn't really get a budget). In December 2011, my now wife and I, met some great friends on holiday. They were on their honeymoon, and on our return I decided to dust off the old scrollsaw, which had been unused for around 8 years, fired it up and made the newlywed "Mr & Mrs Clark" a nice name plaque. Needless to say, they loved it, and soon after that some friends started asking to buy these plaques, so I made them. I put a listing up on eBay, and they started selling on there as well. I really enjoy designing and making the plaques, I enjoy talking to customers about what they want for their plaques, because it isn't just a set process, the possibilities are almost endless, it just became the case that the 3.5cm tall standard plaques became popular, but I will always listen to what people want and provide a good price for the work they require.
I like to take a light hearted aproach in everything I do. If it isn't fun to do then your heart isnt going to be in it. Whilst I am incredibly proud of every bit of work I produce, Please take the following with a pinch of salt......
JuppyWood is broken down into 6 highly trained and equipt departments: Order receiving and confirmation The art department for designing State of the art manufacturing facility for production Quality inspection department the shipping department 24 hour phone support

The perfect gift for all occasions.

  • Mr & Mrs Best 3.5cm plaqueWeddings.
  • Jack 3.5cm plaqueChristenings.
  • The Boss 3.5cm name plaqueOffice Desk.
  • Hollie Painted door signDoor Sign.

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