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  • 03rd August 2014

    Welcome back. To me.
    I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, I am still here but things have (and haven't) been happenening.
    After my last update (26th June 2013) I made several blog entries, leading up to and including the birth of my first baby, Izzy. To put it in to context, Izzy is 1 this month. I have been doing a small amount of woodwork, but not much at all. I haven't been going out of my way to take on the work as I have just been so busy at my dayjob and being a dad. To make things worse, I did keep the blog updated for a while but then due to some website hosting issues, I lost my original site. I did have a backup thankfully, however I hadn't backed up the blog since 26th June. So I am back, I am working on a new website (as I am really getting into HTML and CSS at the moment) and I am also hoping to attend a few wedding fayres next year and I am getting ready to make more of an effort in promoting and working on JuppyWood.

  • 26th June 2013

    Last week was a good week. I have had several orders that stray away from the name plaques I usually make. I made several coasters, some of them were testers, some of them were for customers. Some of them turned out really well, and visually looked great as well as being a joy to make. I also had a request from a regular customer to make a wall hanging to match the bedding set she had bought for her young sons bedroom. She sent me a few pictures to see if I could design and make something to match it. No problem. I am putting the finishing touches on this piece tonight then I will get it dispatched. I really enjoy getting unusual requests like this, it gives me chance to experiment a bit more than usual, and also provide a very modest price for a "one-off" piece of work that she wont find in any shop. Bespoke doesnt mean expensive. Following on from my picture updates on Facebook I then received several queries for other bespoke items, so I will be going through them and providing prices and hopefully will result in more work.
    P.S I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot to me. I am not a HTML guru unfortunately, so I am trying to find time to learn how to incorporate all of the photos of my work into my website in a simple organised way but finding the time to do it is proving difficult. I promise that one day soon the website will contain all of my latest work so you can easily see what I am talking about. In the meantime, please keep checking my photo albums on facebook and feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.
    P.S.S Also, "Huomenta kaikille mukavia ihmisiä Helsingin jotka ovat suhtautuneet tähän verkkosivuilla." (a big hello to the people of Helsinki!!!!!) I have had a few visits to this site from people in Helsinki this week. Remember, all of my work is made in Derby - England, but I will post to almost anywhere in the world for a very low price.

  • 17th June 2013

    I hope you all had a great weekend, and a nice fathers day. We took my dad (and mum who tagged along) out for a meal on Friday night, then the family met up on Sunday for another meal together. I don't want to get too soppy or nostalgic, but my dad was the inspiration for me starting JuppyWood, He was a keen woodworker when I was growing up, and he encouraged me in anything I showed an interest in, one of which was scrollsaw work. He also bored me senseless with watching hours and hours of Norm Abram's programme New Yankee Workshop (just kidding dad). I am not quite a father yet, although my wife's "bump" bought me a card, a nice bottle of whiskey and some whiskey stones (a brilliant device for keeping whiskey chilled without diluting it with ice). I had a few fathers day gifts to make and dispatch, and also managed to get some coasters made for a customer as a special request. I was impressed with how simple but effective the coasters looked, I will will upload photos shortly (they will appear on my facebook page first). In other JuppyWood news, Diego, our cat gave birth to her kittens on Wednesday 12th June. They are very cute, so I will be uploading photos of them shortly as well. The hardest part of this is knowing that due to my wife having just over 2 months left before she is due, we will have to sell the kittens as soon as they are ready at the end of July/beginning of August. :-(

  • 07th June 2013

    Its nice and warm today. It's been a quiet week, and not a lot to update you with. My wife is now 27 weeks pregnant, so I am keeping busy with work and getting the house ready in preparation for baby "Boris the Bump" Jupp. I have had a great request from a customer for a simple name plaque, and also for 2 bespoke items. I love making name plaques, but when someone comes with a request for something different, I enjoy that even more. I get to flex the old "artistic" muscles, and have to put my brain into gear. The first request is to incorporate her partners name into a coaster, the second seems a bit more obscure, so will require more contact and ideas being sent back and forth. Thats what I really love, and why scrollsawing is so great. I have also announced on Facebook, that any fathers day orders have to be with me by Sunday 9th June (this Sunday) so that there is enough time to get them made, dispatched and with you in time for next weekend.

  • 04th June 2013

    Its been quite an exciting few days. As mentioned, I had an order to make for Heather at All That Glitters over the weekend, I will upload photos of this order soon. Also I have been contacting/contacted by a few different companies and organisations and shops within the name plaque/signs/gift shop community with regards to sharing website links, and the possibility of selling JuppyWood plaques through other peoples stores (increase exposure). It was great hearing from Doug at Images to Wood. Doug is from across the pond in New Jersey (USA) and makes some really great items (and seems a very nice chap), have a look at the work he does. Also I was happy to hear back from The Sign Maker, If you can imagine a sign in your head, they can probably make it, they have a huge variety of business and domestic signs for just about every requirement. It has been nice talking to people within the same "trade" or with the same interest, and its fun to compare notes. I will be updating the links page to reflect these two new links, and shortly I will be updating the photos on the website (I am trying to get my head around how to do this with HTML web lingo) - In the mean time, make sure you keep up to date with my latest work over at my Facebook page.

  • 29th & 30th May 2013

    Ok,Ok, I made a small mistake last night, and updated my site, erasing 2 days of blogs. I am quite new to keeping a site up to date, luckily this hasn't erased too much work. I think I would have sat and cried if I removed images by accident. To sum up the 29th and 30th of May's blog entries: On the 29th I was very impressed with the Google Analytics showing the huge variety of countries visiting my website, and I said hello to everyone from each of the countries - it really is amazing. On the 30th I updated about another order I received from Heather over at All That Glitters. Heather decorates, personalises and paints many many great items including JuppyWood name plaques. I urge you all to visit her facebook site. Hopefully I will learn from this deleting mistake and I wont do it again.

  • 28th May 2013

    I have finally uploaded the new look website to www.juppywood.com, for some reason the .co.uk address still takes you to the old site??? I will work on this. The new site is much sleeker looking, and hopefully easier to use. I will aim to keep the blog up to date. It has been quite busy over the last fortnight with orders.

  • March 2013

    Diego the JuppyWood cat went missing. This caused us much stress. She then turned up safe and well 2 weeks later. We were very happy.

  • 05th March 2013

    My wife and I announced that we are expecting a baby Jupp (A.K.A Boris the bump) after a great 12 week scan. To say we are excited is a huge understatement. It has however reduced the amount of time I have had to work on the website which was still down due to all the baby related getting ready we had to start.

  • December 2012

    A problem with server issues. During a switch over to a new server, several parts of the old website failed to work and I decided it was time to spend some effort getting the site right. I took down the old site and put up an "under contruction" screen with a link to the Facebook page which is still active, and my email address.

  • 10th November 2012

    The online stats were becoming fun to look at, we have had visitors from all over the world, Japan, U.S.A, Brazil etc, I am flattered. Also I would like to thank Steve Good as I have received a lot of visitors from his site.

  • 03rd November 2012

    I successfully contacted Steve Good from The Scrollsaw Blog Spot as I am a huge fan of his scrollsaw work. He agreed to share website links, and promptly put a link to JuppyWood on his site. I have posted the link to his website in the links section. Its a great site, and well worth a look.

  • 31st October 2012

    The original JuppyWood website was launched. It was built using a "WYSIWYG" web design program so it was riddled with bad coding and errors, but it did the job while I learned more about HTML and CSS coding (well enough to make this site).

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